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either listen or go back

i dislike stuck-up im better than you people. i mean i wish i could be cool like them. but no i am not up to their "standards". damn. im happy not judgeing people, but am i judged YES i am. because i am different and because i am not one of them. in other news i think gore should win but the stupid ballots suck and who knows what is gonna happen.

I dislike really annoying kids who think they are smart and funny i mean well no one laughed at my joke but i am gonna tell another one that is even dumber...NOOOOOO no one wants to hear your stupidity no one like you and you wonder why everone is mean to you. well not mean just mocking you but it is funny i will admit.

i hate stupid chain letter fowards they don't give you bad luck stop sending them to me i don't send them so basicly that is a waste of time.

i hate people who think they are better than me because i am not like them. damn sorry i am not a fucking carbon copy of you and truthfully i don't want to be, i would rather be my own person they some follower sheep. it's really lame how someone can make fun of someone because they are different. i am sorry i am not popular wait NO I'M NOT. I AM NOT SORRY FOR WHO I AM. if you think i should be then you can go blow a monkey, cause i don't give a flying fuck.

oh this is directed towards someone,and if they read it they know who they are. you can go blow a monkey if you thought i went to the bathroom and cried about you, i didn't it's real cool of you to think so higly of acually i had to pee. and no i didn't go outside becasue of you so don't go thinking all high and mighty about yourself, don't waste my time.

aarghh i hate pain. oh sorry. i hate people that think they are SOOOO much cooler than me becasue they are FUCKING MORONS! I SWEAR I WANT TO SMACK THEM ALL! this one kid in my drivers ed is a complete moron i want to drag him into oncoming traffic and let him get hit he is so annoying it isn't even funny anymore.