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Dutchmen playing or training at 1. Fc Kaiserslautern:



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C. Prins





Amsterdam-born Co Prins started in 1960 at Ajax, after a apprentice at OVVO. He got a transfer to 1.Fc Kaiserslautern in the 1964/65 season, but became homesick. A year later he played again at Ajax (scored 3 international goals in 10 caps). He played in the USA for Pittsburg Phantoms and New York Rangers, but returned to Holland in 1968, where he started playing at Maastricht MVV. He ended his career at Helmond Sport and played a role in the movie "Escape to Victory", next to Pelé, Michael Caine, Silverster Stallone, Bobby Moore and Hallvar Thoresen.

After his football-career he became trainer/coach in Belgium at Fc Rita Berlaar, Fc Turnhout and Fc Boom. Co Prins died at the age of 49 in 1987.