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The Pritchard Family

The New Zealand Connection

This is the history of  John James PRITCHARD and his descendants.   John James Pritchard (b.1808) was the forth child born to Ann Pritchard (b. circa 1775) in the County of Hereford, England.

Ann Pritchard b circa 1775


William Pritchard Baptised 6-8-1802
Ann Prichard Baptised 21-8-1805
Sarah Pritchard Baptised 8-2-1807
John James Pritchard Baptised 1808 m Mary Tyler
William Pritchard Baptised 30-1-1813


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FOREWORD by Janice Wrigg

My interest in tracing my family line began in October 1962 when I attended a re-enactment of the landing of the Fencibles at Howick, Auckland New Zealand. Unfortunately, like so many interests we have when we are young it was soon superseded and the opportunity to use the knowledge and memories of those now gone, was lost.

However, when my children became of an age to ask about the "olden days" I found I wished them to know more of my parents and grandparents younger days and so I began the "Family Tree" in earnest.

Through this interest, I have met so many friendly and helpful people and although many expressed a wish to have a reunion it was not until I found a kindred spirit in Patricia Burden that I gave the idea any serious consideration.

I would also like to acknowledge personally some others that have been a great help over the last year or two in adding names and dates and most exciting of all, photographs.

To Mrs Una Riddick in sending me the photo of Mary Pritchard nee Tyler; thank you. Also Gwen Cook and Emily Campbell, the last grandchildren of John James and Nary Pritchard, your memories are precious. To Dad, Jim Pilcherthanks for putting up with my excited phone-calls at all hours when some new snippet of information arrived, and to my husband, Barry, who doesn’t grumble when the family-tree comes before the housework. Special thanks must also go to Jeanie O’Brien and the many, many others who helped Patricia and I so much. And 1 must not forget two unknown people in England,

John Harnden and Mrs Sharon Baugh, who, when they heard of my interest in the Pritchard's of Hereford, spent many hours searching census records and Bishops Transcripts so that our knowledge of the Pritchard's is increasing all the time.

As I do not profess to have any literary capabilities and as anecdotes vary from family to family, I have chosen to present facts only.

In the following I hope you not only find something of historical interest but also a feeling of being part of that history. In many cases I wish there was more time to have done more research, but I hope this can be used as a workable base on which to carry on.

September 1984
Janice Wrigg



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