Story of Dee and Daniel Gilliam

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the night we first met- he said he believed in Love at First Sight
Daniel the night we met, 17 Aug 2010
I wouldn't let him in my house
He slept in his truck in the driveway
He said- He Believed in Love at First Sight

I did special "blue-mo"efects with my Android Photoshop

He txt me all week long
Wanted to see me again, however...
I wanted to know more first
Had to see if I could trust this guy, Daniel

always gotta be sticking that tongue out

So, I finally agreed to see him again

He said for me to wear something "sexy"
Well, I am not off into that- I am a good-girl
Not some Skank-trash-ho
just look at the expression in his eyes
Really? You have to Truly know Love before you can HONOR it
Well he was a sweetheart
He remembered our anniversary
And I had no clue when it was
Awwwww....how sweet is that?
So we continued to see each other
I always stressed to him

Honesty Above All Else

I would always be by his side
And he would have my support
And Love......as long as he was always HONEST


He would disappear and not be heard from
But he knew how to "smooth that over"

And after much talking, txt'ing, and IM
I let go & started to feel with my heart
It took me many years to accept my own medical conditions
And that I would not be growing old with anyone
That my time on Earth was being cut short

He made that go away
Opened my heart up to Love

And still, he would disappear
He even told me he loved me
And knew it from the first night I walked in

Several Weeks Passed
Finally he had me stay at his house
So I could use his internet
And appply for a new credit line

I was
convinced he loved me
Even as sick as I was
and.......... Even with the disappearing
and all the many incoming txts
And He managed to convinced me to take out some money
To help him get his truck back
Ya see- during one of the disappearing episodes
He got a dui/dwi and his truck was impounded
So, here we sit trying to figure a way to get him cash


What I didn't know- and he didn't tell me
Was the impound had applied for his title

All the way to BFE Missouri- his phone kept going off
and he would txt replies
I acted as if I didn't notice
But- I knew it wasn't me
And WHY hide it?
Unless- there is something TO HIDE

Thursday we went to get his truck outta hock
And he disappeared AGAIN
Stopped answering txt
Shut off his phone til the next day
Guess what?
He was caught in trafic
His phone quit working
He had to get a hotel room
But he couldn't call me
He finally made it over to my house

We had the perfect weekend planned out
We finally had the house to ourselves
We were gonna go out Saturday night
And Sunday we would BBQ

Had it planned all week
and then.........breaks the news to me
Can't stick around Sunday

We "patch" things up right before he goes into hospital
however- he never allows me to visit during visiting hours
Buts asks for smaokes, sodas, food
And........Like an IDIOT-
I take him stuff- late at night
Leaving my son home
His last day
I get 2 txt msg
Guess what.........he got released...
But never txt or called
And we were supposed to spend the evening together
SO......I guess it's back to the same Daniel
Disappearing- Is he married?
I am just the "other woman"?
Wouldn't his other girl bring him smokes?
........In 15hrs I left 38 txt & 4 voicemails

imagine that


......Like an old record........

I got played


Well, I am "Nobody's Fool"
And Guess what..................
He didn't love me
He didn't even care the slightest about me
But- the worst thing


Death Before Dishonor?

Well....if you LIE.....
You will STEAL..........
If you steal.....

You will KILL

And .....

I am no LIAR
So you figure who is what

Guess I ended up


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