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Mooncrafts Misting Sprays come in a variety of scents for many magicakal purposes. Simply spray in the room or around the house to freshen the air or enhance your magical workings. If you do not see one that suits your needs, please E-mail me with your request, I can make one to order.

Mooncrafts Misting Sprays are $5.50 each for 2 oz spray bottle
ROSEWATER- Purifies any place it is sprayed
ORANGE- Encourages the display of emotions
LEMON- Brings a refreshing and stimulating feeling to the room
LIME- Calms places with excessive energy, great for kid's room before bedtime
LILAC- Smells Lovely and Repels Evil
ROSE/ORRIS- Great before parties or get togethers, makes them more festive
MONEY DRAWING- Draws money to your dwelling
PROSPERITY- Draws prosperity to the home
PATCHOULI- Attracts Love or Repels Unwanted Visitors
PROTECTION- Surrounds you with protection vibrations
GOOD LUCK- Draws luck to home and those residing in it
HEALING- Draws healing energies to you
LOVE- Draws love into your life and home
ANGEL- Draws friendship and good spirits to you
BANISHING- Banishes all negative spirits
JINX REMOVING- Removes jinxes and hexes
all items sold as curios only, owner makes no claim to occult powers. *Please do not ingest; these sprays are for magickal and household uses only.*

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