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Mooncrafts Magickal Salts

Mooncrafts is now offering magickal salts, for sprinkling on your doorsteps, around candles, in charm bags, around the house, on your monthly bills etc. These salts can be used in the bath as well. All salts come with instructions for use. Each come in a 2oz double walled plastic jar with a screw top lid. All salts are made with 100% sea salt and essential oil blends. Salts are consecrated to their magickal purpose. 2oz jars are $5.99 each.


JINX REMOVING: Used to break jinxes and for uncrossing.
MONEY DRAWING: Used to draw money to your home or business.
FAST LUCK: Used to draw luck to yourself, home or business.
WITCH'S: Used to keep away nosy people, and keep others from interfering with your life.
BLESSED SALT: Used to purify sacred space, and in many purification and house blessing spells, as well as some oil and incense blends.
DRAGON'S BLOOD: Used in uncrossing spells, and in the bath for the same reason. Adds power to spells and charm bags.
ROAD OPENER: Opens the path to success.
PROTECTION: Used for protection of the home, vehicle or in bath for protection of self.
HEALING: Use for healing spells, in charm bags and bath.
LOVE: Used to draw love into your life.
SPECIAL #20: Use when you have a crisis in life, add to bath daily for nine days, carry in charm bag against harmful gossip.
SABBAT SALTS: Use in cleansing bath before sabbat rituals.
PEACEFUL HOME: Scatter salt in the corners of you home to promote peace and tranquility, across doorstep to prevent enemies from casting spells against you.

All items sold as curios only

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