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Love spells

All you have to do is put a box with fresh dough (flour dough) on the front porch of house that belongs to the person of whom you want to fall in love with you. Leave the dough on the front porch over night. No chants needed.

"Love is love if you trust your heart and soul to make the spark. Love is yours that now is mine hearts together so as the mind. Power ageist power mind against mind. Body against body your against mine."

You do this spell when you are making love. It makes your hearts more connected.

While making love during the full moon lie atop the one you love and whisper into his ear:

"May the energy we now create Fuel us through an eternal embrace."

If he/she asks you what you said or seems startled, tell him/her "I just want this love to last forever." Then kiss him/her and open your mouth, envisioning energy passing from you into his/her body.

On a full moon say this chant and you must also have a red candle and say the person's name that you want to be loved by.

“Bright the flame Light the fire Red is the color of desire"


Keep From Breaking Up: Take rosewater and sprinkle on the bed while chanting the following incantation: "Roses of love, bring romance anew." Each partener should take a turn with the spell while visualizing each other.

Get Rid Of Flirtatiousness: This is a spell you do in order to get rid of the flirtyness your boy/girl/friend does to others. Jelousy is a bad thing, so try this out. Seek a black onyx stone to carry and hold in your hand when thoughts of hurting the other comes to mind. Evil thoughts will absorb and good ones will come to you.

Protect A Love One:An American Indian amulet is very good for things like this. A good one I suggest is of a dove carved into the stone/wood. Hold this in your hand a chant: "Protect(their name) from all harm, spirit of the skies, all seeing eyes of the winds." Let the person wear it when you feel they might be in danger, or long trips alone.

To Break Another's Spell: If someone tampers with a resume, money, or any object the spell was cast upon, sprinkle sandalwood and myrrh, and bury it in the backyard at the full moon of midnight. Not knowing who did the spell weakens the charm. If you know, wait for 3 full moons to pass, then dig it out. If not, wait for 6 full moons to pass.

Ease Heartbreak: Make a tea of rosemary and sassafras and, before drinking it, envision yourself and chant: "Healing potion make me whole, take the pain and stop the pain."

Meet A Wizard: Collect 3 pidgeon feathers from the outside, find a birds egg also, add a special stone of any kind, and carry them in something while your out in the public. He will come to you shortly after.

Get An Enemy To Love You:In a base of grenadine, add a pinch of file powder and chant over it: "Undo black hearts, curses and sins." Imagine the person/people you want to become friends with.

Keep From getting Pregnant:Take a long white cloth and knot it in four places. As you tie each knot, chant: "No child by me." Put the cloth in the bed during sexual relations(sex), and the spell should keep unwanted children from arriving unexpectedly.

To Attract A Neighbor:Get an animals hair that you can tie knots in in 4 places. While knotting the hair, chant: "Meet me, be charmed by me, do my bidding." Try to keep to hair with you, and try to talk or wave to them. Things will work.

To Make Him More Romantic: Take your ring and while dipping it in rosewater, chant: "Romance shine bright, as strong as love is." Make sure the ring is diamond, and from him. It doesn't matter if your not married yet to him.

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