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MOONCRAFTS MAGICKAL OILS: are made with the finest essential oils blended in Apricot Kernel, Grapeseed, Safflower, or Sweet Almond carrier oils; depending upon the magickal purpose of each individual blend. Every bottle contains a bit of herb and/or a small crystal to add power to the formulae. All oils are charged and consecrated at the proper moonphase.

*********ALL OILS ARE PRICED AT: $3.50 per 1/4 oz. vial*********
ABRAMELIN: Add Power to Your Rituals
ALL NIGHT LONG: Eliminate Inhibitions and Increase Stamina
ALTAR: Annoint Altars, Brings Spiritual Assistance.
ANGEL: Attracts Good Spirits and Friendly People to You.
ATTRACTION: Atract What You Want in Life
BANISHING: Banish Negativity
BETTER BUSINESS: Use as Incense or to Annoint Candles and Talismans
BLESSING: Use to bring blessings to you and your home
CLEOPATRA: Strengthen and Enhance Your Relationship
COME AND SEE ME: Encourages a Loved One to visit
COME TO ME: Draw the One You Want.
COMPELLING: Gain Personal Power
COUNTERACT: Annoint Wrists to Stop all Hexes and Spells
COURT CASE: Protects User Against the Wrath of the Court
EXORCISIM: Drive Away Negative Spirits
FOLLOW ME BOY: Get Him to Keep Comming Back
HATIAN GAMBLING: Banish a Streak of Bad Luck
HEALING: Healing for the Body, Mind and Spirit
JINX-REMOVING: Removes all hexes and Jinxes
JOB: Used to Speed up Job Search
KYPHI: Attain Success, Used in Egyptian Rituals
LUCKY LODESTONE: Attract Money, Luck or Love
LOTTERY: Helps Gain Edge in Lottery Drawings
LOVER COME BACK: Bring Back a Wandering Lover
MYSTIC VEIL: Used to shapeshift, creates invisibility, Aids healing.
OAKMOSS BOQUET: Add to Money Mixtures
PROSPERITY: Annoint Checkbook to Draw Money
PROTECTION: Protect from Negativity
REVERSING: Turn Back all Spells Against You
ROSEMARY/VERBENA SABBAT: Use to Annoint self and or Candles on the Sabbatts
ROSE OF CRUCIFIXION: Worn to dispell fear and protect from crossed conditions.
SALVATION: Relives You of All Negative Influences Surrounding You
SEALING: Used after removal of negatives to prevent further negatives from getting through.
SPECIAL #20: Good Gambling Oil, Use Before Playing Games of Chance
STAY AT HOME: Encourages Lover to Stay at Home
SUCCESS: Success in All Undertakings
TEST PASS: Helps you Study and Get High Marks
TONKA BOQUET: For Luck Annoint Tonka Beans and Carry
UNCROSSING: Used to Uncross Anyone, Call Out All Evils and Dispel Them
WITCH BANE: Reverse All Spells Sent Against You By Other Witches
VAN VAN: Use 9 drops in bathwater each morning for nine days to uncross yourself.
all items sold as curios only, owner makes no claims of occult power

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