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Welcome to Mooncrafts online catalog.

We offer the finest in all natural, dye and chemical free hand-blended magical oils; as well as, Balms,Tinctures and ointments made with the finest beeswax, Petroleum jelly, herbs, grain alcohol (for Tinctures)and essential oils. Our bath Salts are Made with natural sea-salt,and quality oils.

We also offer Charm Bags and spell kits for a variety of purposes.

Mooncrafts Carries beautiful handmade Altar and Door Pentacles, sure to grace any home or Altar. Our lovely hand painted pilliar spell candles will enhance your magical workings and look fabulous in any room.

Thank you for stopping by and browsing in our little shop.Please come again. :)


Love Spells
Beauty and Glamor Spells.

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