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I'm 26 years old, 5'11 175Lbs, dark brown eyes, colored hair, blondish brown. I'm a Scorpio and my B-day is November 21, 1978. I was born and raised in Taiwan. I moved to the US of A in May of 1990 when I was 11 years old, when I didn't know any better. HA HA! I was living in Murfreesboro, TN. I went to school there BUT didn't quite finish schooling there. I then moved to the good ole South Dakota (and I was saying I didn't know any better when I was younger, UGH!!! Smile!!! I'm just kidding ya, SD is a nice place) and that's where I finished High School. It was pretty rotten cause I didn't know much people in school. For god's sake, I was only here for my senior year (Just one semister, graduated early.. Smile!!!). I grew up a lot in the good ole South Dakota thanks to a whole lot of good people around. They've helped me through hard times and get me through my days. Special thanks to the person who helped me the most, he's like a dad to me, his name is Dave. I've lived in SD with him since I've moved to Sioux Falls. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I greatly appreciate his effort to help me through tough times and all the other people who helped me. Thanks you guys!!! Now I'm living in Antioch, TN. with my Love, GREAT!!! hehe, well keep on reading the rest of it.. :o) Here is some more about me. I grew up and feeling all alone. I knew exactly what I wanted since I was a little boy. I know the kind of guy I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I knew I was gay all my life and I totally accepted it for who I am and not trying to be something I'm not. I was being abused a lot while growing up. My parents were never there for me. They let us starve and not take good care of us 3 kids. They always fight and there was always blood everywhere. I always felt that my mother hates me. She always beats on me and I remember one time she hit me with a 2x4 everywhere all over my body and it hurts quite badly. When I came to USA, my mother brought my sister and I. So just us 3 coming to live with my grandmother and aunt and uncle. My mother was still abusing me at the time until couple years later when she left to go back to Taiwan. Things didn't get any better. My aunt started abusing me. I was always told I wasn't good enough, or I was so fat and ugly. I was told so much that I started listen to it and I stopped eating and had eating disorder. They then started making me eat cause I lost over 15 Lbs in less then a week and keep on going down on my weight. Since my parents didn't take very good care of me. I couldn't handle all that much weight loss. Then my fourth aunt came along in the picture and she abuses me too. I had to lie to my high school teachers cause of what she did. She hit me with a glass cup right behide my left ear and left a permanent scar for life. I lost a lot of blood and couldn't go in the hospital cause they were afraid that my fourth aunt is going into jail and her kids would be taken away from her. I had to wait til the next day to see our family doctor. My family barely got the bleeding to stop the night before. The doctor had to peel off the dry blood and the powder stuffs that stop the bleeding. It was so painful. I couldn't eat anything after the stitches. I had over 100 stitches. He had given me bad pain killer so if it hurts way too bad, I had to take it. I only can drink ensure to keep my strength up. I couldn't sit up and I had to take off time from school. I was so weak that I couldn't even open up the can for the ensure. I had to drink it with a straw. I take my pain killer daily and I had to crawl to the bathroom when I needed to. It was the most horrifying thing that had happened to me. It was quite hard when I was in school. I was being teased a lot and being called a nerd. I was concentrating on my school work so I can do better for myself. One day I had a fight with my aunt cause I wanted to not work at the restaurant(Family Restaurant) cause I had a date, she didn't know it's a date cause I couldn't tell her it's with my boy friend. I just had enough of all the abusing from everyone so I decided to call my friend up from South Dakota to help me out. He bought a plane ticket for me to fly out there. I was very scared and not knowing what I am getting myself into. I was horrified once I gotten there. I was so messed up mentally from all the abusing that he had to take me to a counselor and a phychiatrist. It took me a long time before I had gotten better. I had to learn a lot of stuffs for myself since my dad wasn't there for me. I never had any love from my family and I didn't really know what love is really like. I've been burn by guys so many times. They use me like a piece of trash and I never really loved any of them. I wanted to be in love and to be loved so much cause I never had anyone cared for me all my life. I've done some terrible things in my life, but I've learned from it and go on. Everyone should just be themselves and not trying to be something they're not. Some of you are lucky enough that you don't have to go through these type of pain and suffering, but for people like me. We go through it and we learn from it. I hope people would try to understand others instead of inflating pain on others. New things that happened in my life, I broke up with ex jerk on December 12th, 2001. He lied to me to get me to come down to TN to work for my family at the sametime use me for my money and stabbing me in the back with his boy toy, which was supposed to be my friend. Just how people who are so jealous of you and try to take your place would do to succeed. But it takes two to rumble so the jerk isn't any better. I sent him a $700.00 check to pay for bills, which he used it to pay for bills. But he used his own money on going out to party and stuff. He was partying the whole time I was gone. Not saving one bit of money while we were going broke. He even bought a car while I'm gone and making payments on it. So who knows what he used my $700.00 check for. I also sent him a $500.00 gift for his Christmas and b-day gift. Which he played me for that. He called me up one afternoon on December 12, 2001 saying the boy toy(ex friend) was stayin' at the house in which was supposed to be our house. He was helping him out he says. I said no to that, he got all mad and said, we're done over the phone. How coward of him. I drove home right away in 12 hours. He had the doors locked on me. He was sleeping in bed with the boy toy half naked next to him, the bed I WAS sleeping in!!! I find out when he opens the door for me. I went in and try to go into the bedroom to see what's going on. He wouldn't let me. He had the door locked. I knew how to open the doors, but he was trying to keep me from opening it, but he opened it to try to go in, I pushed my way in and saw him half naked, that's how I know. I knew something was going on, he said no. I finally got him to confess later that they were sorta dating before we even broke up. How shallow of him to do that to me. I don't believe anything he says anywayz, since he's a composive liar and all. He's been lying to me since the first day we've met, he lied about his age, status, and all. He was 33 when I met him, he said he was 28. Also he was married and have 3 kids. He said no to that too. Then he came out with this big'o story about how he got his ex wife and kids to move in with him cause they were living in some dumpy place and fixing to lose their home. He was doing it for the kids. Then later on he said that the house was never solved in the divorce so she still owns it too. Then he got a different house for us to move into. He said that they were still married and he was going to file the divorce process. I had to put up with that for a whole year, who else would do something like what I have done?? Ain't nobody would put up with that. I will update this more later. Gettin' ticked just writing about the jerk. By the way, I've lost most of my pets cause of the jerk. That's why I would never forgive him! It's been over 3 years now. I haven't erased anything above because it is a part of my life. I guess this is like a journal to me. A lot of stuffs has happened within the last 3 years. I'm living with my current boyfriend for over a year now. Having the best time of my life with him. I've grown from my past experience and still learning. I have finally gotten some pets of my own which I will post their pictures as soon as I take'em. Whenever that is??? hehe... (updated: 4/10/2005)

"My Hobbies!!!"

What do I enjoy? I enjoy just about anything like Swimming, Tennis, Biking, Stamp Collecting, Being With My Pets (Lots of'em), Listening To Music, blah blah so forth so on. Well anyway, I guess I'm a kewl guy (at least that's what I was told). Get to know me and you'll find out for yourself. Hope you people like my site, I guess it didn't bored you to death since you read this far. Thanks for coming anyways, au revoir!!! PS. Please do visit My Pets Page too at the bottom of this page!

"My Love Life!!!"

I'm finally in LOVE again with a very special man, the love of my life. I met him at a local bar here in Nashviile called "The Chute" on March 30th, 2004. We've been together over a year now and counting. :)


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