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"Second Avenue"
Mark Lane "Shadow Merger"
4-song CD
March 1, 1995.

    Mark's distinctive New Romantic style vocal, which is quite unusual, especially for an American, graces this CD like a silk scarf sliding down a shaven leg. Shades of Gary Numan at times but a lot more complex and deep. The drums are a little robotic at times but intricate on this slow sounding title track. Some moody keyboards and various tasteful effects all work well. Even more moody is "All the Flowers in Holland, heavy on melody until the weird jaring electronics in the center. Reminiscent of China Crisis. "Tempest" is a strange juddering track with vocals to match. Odd treatments fly like confetti in the wind before the closing "Sojourn." This is quite melodic with more strange treatments. It's propelled by a hynotic repeating note. Great melodic, modern electronic music which is refreshing. Maybe the drum programming distracts you from the melodies at times. By Trevor Hall editor "Second Avenue," Hardwick Croft, Top Common, East Runton, Norfolk, NR27 9PR England.

Mark Lane "Shadow Merger"
4-song CD Maxi

    Mark Lane is a prolific electronic synthpop-deathfolk-industrial-gothic artist from Ventura California who has been around for what seems eons. While I have heard of but havent heard Mark Lane till he was kind enough to send this to me, I can see why he has been around forever. His songwriting and lyrics are fantastic! His skills as a musician impeccable. The tracks are all interesting in a good way and not a odd experimental way, my only complaint is there are only 4 tracks on this ep and I want more damn it! If you see this in a shop, do yourself a favor and pick it up if you like a mix of the above genres, or cruise over to his website (listed on the Links page) and find out more about him and his music and art! Tracks are: "Shadow Merger," "All the Flowers in Holland," "Tempest," and "Sojourn 95'. "