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Various Artists 3xLP Box (GEN010)
Genetic Music/Germany 2004

  A-Side: 1. Twilight Ritual "Surrounded"/2. Twilight Ritual "Wired to Machines"/3. Absolute Body Control "Silhouette"/4. Absolute Body Control "Automatic"/5. Lou Champagne System "Spectral Informer"
  B-Side: 1. Karmen "Poker"/2. Karmen "Chess"/3. The Actor "Automobil"/4. The Actor "40-50-60"/5. Second Glance "The Quietest Movement"
  C-Side: 1. Linear Movement "Night in June"/2. Linear Movement "Cytogenetic Movement"/3. Seppuku "Assignment France"/4. Seppuku "Man Utan Moral"/5. DZ Lectric & Anthon Sheild "Venezia"
  D-Side: 1. Jane & Jeff Hudson "Special World"/2. Jane and Jeff Hudson "Help Me"/3. Science Patrol "POP F"/4. Science Patrol "Dereks In The Desert"/5. Schaltkreis Wasserman "Space Shuttle"
  E-Side: 1. Guilded Youth "Aire to Confusion"/2. Guilded Youth "Albania"/3. V-Sor, X "Prey Room"/4. V-Sor, X "Conversation With"/5. Mark Lane "America's List"
  F-Side: 1. Autumn "Reach You From Behind My Walls"/2. Autum "Mediation Of The Lost Pt.7"/3. Ende Shneafliet "Tri-Star (Hilton Sprung Schnitt)"/4. Ende Shneafliet "Symphoy Romant (PBTS194 Schnitt)"/5. New Occupants "Electric Angel"

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