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Various Artists C-70 cassette w/magazine
Idiosyncratics/USA 1985

Side 1

1. Bamff "Mini-Crisis"

2. Qi-ZZ "Beach Music"

3. Angst "Jury and Judge"

4. Paris Working "Downtown"

5. Tranquil Eyes "The Average Indian
    Resevation Song"

6. Popular Science "When Science Came To

7. Ende Schneafliet "Rendez-vouz With Betsy"

8. The Actor "Deutsches Madchen"

9. Data-Bank-A "Intervention"

Side 2

1. Jumbo Zen "Almost Walllpaper"

2. Satellite/Atom Cristal "Boulevard

3. De Fabriek "Snowdance" (part 2)

4. Jad Fair/Half Japanese (interview)

5. Doxa Sinistra "Alien"

6. Cultural Amnesia "Where Has All The
    Difference Gone"

7. Project Electronic Amerika "Iremember"

8. Tone Poets "Pente"

9. Vox Populi "Brave Old World"

10. Andre De Koning "Party Talk"

11. The Actor "Simpel Pop"

Note: Mark Lane assembles the compilation
and edits the magazine.