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Various Artists C-40 cassette w/magazine
Idiosyncratics/USA 1983

Side 1

1. Algebra Suicide "Praxis"

2. Sleep Chamber "The Evil Within"

3. Bill Noland/Wall of Voodoo (interview)

4. Conrad and Gregor Schnitzler "The Shark
    Eats Ice"

5. Short Term Memory "Risky"

6. Pedestal "Pretzelize"

Side 2

1. Sue Ann Harkey "Necessitarianism"

2. Mood of Defiance "Interconnected Amplifier"

3. Brue Licher/Savage Republic (interview)

4. Doo-Dooettes "Schlagerzeit (Tolstoy Anemic)

5. Ony "Dream World"

Note: Mark Lane assembles the compilation
and edits the magazine.