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Various Artists C-90 cassette w/magazine
Idiosyncratics/USA 1983

Side 1

1. Atomic Thinkers "Servo Oscillation"

2. Brent Wilcox "Playing With Blocks"

3. KMZ "Seventh Inning Stretch"

4. Ken Montgomery and Sid Myerson
    "Cortland Gates"

5. Savage Republic "The Ivory Coast"

6. Hidden Agenda "Life At The Top"

7. Stephen Spera "The Erotic Film"

8. Peter Catham "Lies/Not a Conga Line"

9. Afterimage "American Tragedy"

10. Port Said "Moonsoon"

Side 2

1. Alan R "Mandate"

2. Ken Montgomery and Stephen Tischler
    "Choose One"

3. Neef "The Legend of Leonard Nimoy
    Song/Heat, Death, and the Universe"

4. Stephen Spera "Any Brief Stirring"

5. TV Toy "Weekend"

6. Hidden Agenda "Talking To Myself"

7. Alan R "Friend of Mine"

8. Stephen Spera "Sphinx"

9. Peter Catham "21 Today"

Note: Mark Lane plays synthesizers on the
Hidden Agenda tracks, assembles the
compilation and edits the magazine.