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WHO'S REALLY LISTENING? C-60 in 7" Box" 15 song cassette (Idiosyncratics/USA).

WHO'S REALLY LISTENING? 30th Anniversary Box" 41 song 3xLP (Vinyl On Demand/Germany).

WHO'S REALLY LISTENING?" 13-song LP (Vinyl On Demand/Germany).

WHEN THE NIGHT IS CRUEL 1979-1989 28-song 2XLP (Vinyl On Demand/Germany).

OPPENHEIMER ANALYSIS AND MARK LANE 2-song split 7" (Stones Throw Records/U.S.A.).

THE ANTI-TECH TESTAMENT 1981-1985 24-song 2XCD (Editions/USA).

ELEPHANT 2-song 7" (Editions/USA).

INNER MOST FOLDS 4-song CDEP (Editions/USA).

CREEPY A LA WEEPY 8-song CD LP (MetaWave/Germany).

WHO'S REALLY LISTENING?+ 12-song CD LP (MetaWave/Germany).