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Dateline May 26, 2010.


  Los Angeles experimental hip-hop label Stones Throw Records has released three new pieces to the Mark Lane discography. The first piece and in the limelight is the 2XLP various artists compilation “The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1.” Also available in the CD format (the second piece), “The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol.1” is an anthology of rare underground minimal synth works from the 80’s, many of them originally released in very small editions. Compiled by Veronica Vasicka East Village Radio DJ, New York City, the compilation contains Mark Lane’s “Who’s Really Listening?” and works from Linear Movement, Crash Course in Science, Tara Cross, Turquoise Days, Bene Gesserit, Esplendor Geometrico, Das Ding, Martin Dupont, Deux, Somnambulist, Ohama, Das Kabinette, and Oppenheimer Analysis. And finally to celebrate these two exquisite releases Oppenheimer Analysis and Mark Lane appear on a split 7” 45 rpm. On "Side A" Oppenheimer Analysis sets fourth “Radiance” and on "Side 1" Mark Lane delivers his classic “Who’s Really Listening? Beautifully packaged in a picture sleeve with vintage photos of each artist these singles have already become collectible. To order all three releases please click on the image above or click here, to visit Stones Throw Records.

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