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Various Artists 2XLP and CD versions.
2XLP Cat No.(STH2223,MWC01) CD Cat No.(STH223)
Stones Throw Records/U.S.A. 2010

  2XLP version tracklist Disc 1 Side A: A1 Linear Movement "Way Out Of Living"/A2 Crash Course In Science "Flying Turns"/A3 Oppenheimer Analysis "Radiance"
  Disc 1 Side B: B1 Mark Lane "Who's Really Listening?"/B2 Tara Cross "Tempus Fugit"/B3 Turquoise Days "Blurred"/B4 Bene Gesserit "Mickey, Please..."
  Disc 2 Side C: C1 Esplendor Geométrico "Moscú Está Helado"/C2 Das Ding "Reassurance Ritual"/C3 Martin Dupont "Just Because"/C4 Deux "Game & Performance"
  Disc 2 Side D: D1 Somnambulist "Things I Was Due To Forget"/D2 Ohama "My Time"/D3 Das Kabinette "The Cabinet"

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