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Various Artists CD (TARO52)
True Age Records/USA 2009

  1. Jeff Central "Cameroon Tabu"/2. Randy Greif/Alva Svoboda "Here the Mildew Spreads"/3. Static Effect "Circle System M"/4. Charles Goff III "The Space Night"/5. Curious Voltage "Media Hunt"/6. Don Campau "Ethnic Orchestra-2"/7. XTSW "Ripper" (Live@ Gateway, 1988)/8. Warworld "Chipseal"/9. Disism "Freeway"/10 Mental Anguish/No Muzic "Four"/11. Jeff Central "Dance of the Blessed Spirits"/12. Data-Bank-A "Spiritus Sanctus"/13. Parade of Sinners "Cover Your Ears"/14. Mark Lane "3rd Party"/15. Mark Lane "Graveyard II"/16. Dominion "They Came in Hordes"

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