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Various Artists Cassette (FF010)
Fast Forward/Australia 1982

  Side 1: 1. Intro/2. The Chemicals "Landing Strip"/3. Mental As Anything "Golfshoes"/4. Greedy Smith Gourmet Section/5. Mark Lane "The Reflection"/6. M Squared Records (Interview)/7. With A Lie "What Poison"/8. Human Backs "Kettle Fish"/9. Plays With Marionettes "Kelter Kelter"/10. Plays With Marionettes (Interview)/11. Drop Bears "Fun Loving"/12. Fab Hm Chart
  Side 2: 1. Serial "The Case of the Missing..."/2. Fattish Fetishists "Slapping Flesh"/3. The Clash/Kosmo Vinyl (Interview with Strumer and others)/4. Thelonian Music "Patty and Cathy in Greenland"/5. Phil Perkins "Este's Request"/6. Laurie Anderson (Interview)/7. Jumbo Zen "Self Contained"/8. The Fabulous Marquies "Young Turks"/9. Battle of Bacillus (continuing saga)/10. The Birthday Party (Interview with Nick Cave and others)/11. The New Five "No Emotion"/12. Mr. Badass "Subscription Rap"

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