"Conundrum" (v2 unreleased).

(Format: MP3).
© 2010 Mark Lane.

NEW MARK LANE MYSPACE MUSIC BOX POSTINGS! Hi everybody, There are now four new Mark Lane MySpace music box postings! Most recently at this profile you will find “Conundrum,” “Boule (Viens Ici),” and “Cartel Dance” (1985 remix). And at the Vinyl On Demand profile you will find “Exit” (Long Version). “Conundrum” is a track that I originally wrote for the “Creepy a la Weepy” CD. The original version remains in tack and will be released later in a repackaging of the “Creepy a la Weepy,” “Shadow Merger,” and “Black Lipstick” CDs. Interested labels should inquire. The version of “Conundrum” posted here is a rough mix of the new version I have recorded for the project I am working on now titled “Mantle.” Previously unreleased and in its raw state the track is a powerhouse minimal synth effort that is presented here just because so many of you have written me and asked me about the project.