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Various Artists Cassette
P.P.P./France 1985

  Side 1: 1. Anne Gillis/2. Renaldo & The Loaf/3. Nigel Jacklin/4. U.D.V.P./5. Rob Van Wijngaarden/6. Harri Englund/7. John J. Cabanis/8. Mark Lane/9. Die Endzeitakrobaten/10. Wolfgang Wiggers (3 versions)/11. Die Form/12. Ice 9
  Side 2: 1. The Grief/2. D.D.A.A./3. Ericka Irganon/4. Satellite (Souki, Viens Ici)!/5. DZ Lectric/6. Collision Experimentale/7. Legendary Pink Dots/8. ZZe/9. Half Japanese/10. Les Canigous/11. Van Kaye & Ignit (Voulez-Vous Bouler?)

  *All artists perfrom the Ptose song "Boule (Viens Ici)!"

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