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Palacinke (Crepes)


Beat together:
   2 eggs
  1/4 t. salt (1 ml)
  2 c. milk (500 ml)
  2 t. oil (7.5 ml)
  2 c. flour (500 ml)
  1/2 c. water (125 ml)

Let mixture stand a few minutes.  Pour scant 1/4 c. batter (60 ml) into a hot, oiled frying pan.  Rotate pan until batter is evenly distributed, forming 1 large, thin pancake.  Fry until surface looks dry and bubbly.  Turn and fry briefly on other side.  Note:  if palacinke are too thick add more water to the batter.  Spread each palacinka with: 
  chocolate sauce 
  fresh fruit
  chopped nuts
Roll up and top with:
  whipped cream or
  powdered sugar.

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