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Commands, From Social to Status

NOTE: The following has its origin at the official mordor website. You can also find these at their site.


Listed on No Particular Order: clear equipment finger group health information inventory look score set time who whois

Social, Action

apply bribe buy cast drink drop eat follow get give hide hold ingest list lose lock open paste pledge prepare purchase put quaff read remove repair rescind search selection sell study suicide trade use value wear wield


ask (monster) broadcast classemote classsend deletemail emote gtalk readmail say sendmail talk (to monster) tell yell (some of these can also be found else where in this website).


The following flags may be set and cleared: nobroad.....No broadcast messages will be sent to you. nologin.....No login messages will be sent to you. compact.....Output is in "compacted" mode. roomname....Whether to show the room name short.......Whether to show a room's short description long........Whether to show a room's long description wimpy.......You will automatically flee when your hp is low. Specify at which hps you wish to flee at. ("set wimpy 20" will cause you to flee at 20 hps) prompt......Enables the output of your HP & MP with the prompt ansi........If you have a vt100 or ansi terminal you can view color nosummon....Makes it so that no one can cast summon on you echo........Your sends, emotes, and says will be echoed to you. classignore.You will ignore all messages on the classsend channel. ignore......You will ignore all sends.