Porn Pass Sites!

*NOTE* - These links are to porn password and username sites, and they are not suitable for kids.

  • Crazy Passes - Great pass site!
  • Unique Passwords - A huge pass site!

    Funny Ass MPEG's

    *NOTE* - Once you click the link a download box will open, most files are in ZIP format.

  • Guy Falls Onto Girl On Beach(1.1MB) - This isn't the funniest video but its kinda cool to watch, this guy is walking on the beach and falls right onto a girl laying on the ground.
  • Guy Gets Hit In Head With Shovel(274KB) - What happens in this movie is exactly what I said in the title, this would hurt real bad.
  • Elephant Sits On Guy(1.5MB) - This is some funny shit, this guy is teasing and elephant, so the elephant sits down and the guy goes up its butt!
  • Ape Smells Ass(372KB) - There is an ape sitting in the tree, and it picks its ass and smells it, then passes out and falls off the tree.
  • Horse Kicks Guy(800KB) - Guy is branding a horse and then all of a sudden the horse kicks him in the chest and the guy goes flying.
  • Blind Date(1.3MB) - This is a funny video about a guys first blind date.
  • Clinton Video Game(3.5MB) - I think this is a very funny movie, it is President Clinto playing a game about him.
  • Viagra Commercial(379KB) - Funny Viagra commercial.
  • Farting In Bed(1.3MB) - Funny movie of a guy with really bad gas in bed.