My Music Collection

Here are all the cds, tapes and records that I own and why I like them. Kind of a pointless exercise but i'm kinda bored.


  • Arm Reach/Found My Direction Split Demo

    This album is a split demo of two local Newcastle bands. FMD, are an awesone hard core band. A mate of mines cousin plays guitar for them so that is how I first discovered them. Their heavy as hell, and they got attitude. I've seen em live and they rip through their songs like the gods that they are. Arms Reach (the other band) kick just as much arse. If you come from Newcastle area and you see either of these bands are playing somewhere, go see em, they rule.

    Fav Songs - FMD - Opinionated, Message of Hate. Arms Reach - Foundation


  • Bad Religion - The Gray Race

    A lot of people don't like this album, say it is a sell out and such things. Well who cares, it sounds awesome. Faster and tighter than anything else I've heard.

    Fav Songs - Punk Rock Song, The Gray Race

  • Bad Religion - All Ages

    Another sick ass punk album. This one contains an array of BR songs from their very roots until the albums release. It also has a few good live tracks thrown in.

    Fav Songs - Definatly No Direction and I Want to Conquer the World

    Fav Lyric - "I want to conquer the world and give all the idiots a brand new religion".

  • Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty

    Their newest album but not their best. This album is more hip hoppish then the others, but it is still very good.

    Fav Songs - Song for the man,Intergalactic, I don't know

  • Ben Harper - Welcome to the Cruel World

    Ben Harpers first album. Beautiful, mellow music. Awesome tunes just to sit back and vege out to. Talk to your mates and shit like that.

    Fav Song - The Three of Us, Momma's Got A Girlfriend Now

  • Blowhard - The Toxic Swing

    A great ska/hardcore band from Queensland. A cool bunch of guys, met them all after they played at my uni in Armidale. They play a very brass filled set with chunky guitars and great whiny vocals.

    Fav Songs - My Truck Won't Start, Diamond Street

  • Bob Dylan - Masterpieces

    So a lot of people don't like Dylan. Personally, i love the guy. He is the master. He has a voice that makes you anger, laugh and cry, all at once.

    Fav Songs - All Along the Watchtower, Ballad of a thin man


    Chainspotting - Various

    This is an Aussie compilation of punk/hardcore. Another great release featuring the likes of MYC, Toe to Toe, Game Over, Mindsnare and Crank. Not for the faint hearted.

    Fav Song - Beer Goggles - I love You Beer

  • Coal Chamber - Coal Chamber

    I came across this band through Korn. A mate told me that if I liked Korn, then I would love Coal Chamber, and I do. This album is brilliant. The switch between the mellow, trippy vocal to the harsh, hateful noise is brilliant. The guitar is great and the bass kicks arse. Also, the film clip for Loco is heaps trippy. Love the ice-cream truck guy.

    Fav Songs - Bradley, Loco, Big Truck, Sway.


  • The Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

    This is definatly the greatest Kennedy album ever and I am blessed with owning it on vinyl. It's funny, shocking and political all in the space of one album. It's pure brilliance.

    Fav songs - I Kill Children. Emotion. Holiday in Cambodia

  • The Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist

    Refer to below

    Fav Song - Stars and Stripes of Corruption

  • The Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters

    Hmmm, what can I say except, they ruled, they still rule and they always will rule. One of those bands you either love or hate, and you guessed it. I love em. Fast tinny guitars and Jello's awesome voice make this album rock.(I don't think that last sentence makes sense.)

    Riot, Buzzbomb