The Angel

The child rips his presents open. He laughs with glee as he plays with his dreams. All he ever wanted is contained within the packages before him.

The angel watches from outside the window. The scene before her is filled with joy and with happiness, yet a tear rolls down her cheek.

"Mommy, is Santa real" the child asks. (The angel is sowing it's seed)

"Yes, dear" the mommy answers.

"Santa ain't real. I hate you all" the angel whispers to herself.

Suddenly the child jumps up, throws her presents on the ground and screams "Santa ain't real. I hate you all", then runs out of the room.

The angel chuckles to herself at a job well done and turns to leave. But in her way stands a tall meloncolie man.

"Why do you do it?" the man asks.

"How the hell can you see me, no one can see me" the angel screamed.

"I can see you. I am your product. I no longer believe in anything. I'm a hapless soul destined to walk the earth in an endless reality. It is because of the disbelief that you spread, that I bear this burden."

"I'll show you why" she replied.

There was a flash of light and the man and the angel were standing in a busy street in the inner city.

"What do I call you anyway" the man asked.

"Placeba, and you"


"Well, look around you Larry, what do you see?"


"Not just people, look at them Larry, look at them. Walking down the street in their own worlds. Carrying their breifcases, talking on their cell phones. They never talk or socialise, they just walk, work, comute and control. Their monsters." the angel replied.

"But they live their lives how man is destined to live. They have hopes, they have dreams. I, one of your pitiful creations have nothing." Larry Screamed

"They dream about the next dollar, the next buck, knocking down the next man to take one more step up the ladder of sucess." Placeba said

"But they have something to look forward to. They can be content."

"Content? Are they really. I'll give you a little insight Larry, a gift from me to you."

The angel sprinkled some dust over over Larry's head.

"Take a look around Larry, see what you think."

Larry looked at the people around him. Suddenly, his mind was filled with thousands of voices.

"One more week then I'll leave her"

"Help me"

If only I had someone to talk to"

"Help me"

"Is this a life?"

"Help me"

"I don't want to live anyomre"

"Help me"

"I want to die"


"Nooooo" Larry screamed as he fell to his knees. "Make it stop"

The voices stopped.

"Who's the lucky one Larry?" the angel said as she turned to walk away.

"Where are you going? You can't leave me here" Larry pleaded.

"I've work to do. As you'd say, minds to destroy." the angel replied.

"Where are they? Where are the other people? The ones like me"

"You'll find them one day Larry. If you look in the right places."

"I hate you, I hate all that you do. I had a life once. But you went and destroyed it" Larry screamed.

Did I?" the angel replied and disappeared from view.