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SECTION 8 - Issue 1

Humanoids/Mocheeks Pad/Bainbridge Is.

Death? Destruction? Satan & Cohorts? Who could ask for anything more? And this band manages to put the three together in a nice compact package. This was one of the Humanoids earlier shows-in fact, for all I know it could have been their premiere; it was quite awhile ago. At any rate, it was the first I had heard of them, and I waited along with everyone in the pit as the HUMANOIDS set up. In the meantime, people were surveying damage done to a 3/4 scale human dummy that was brought to the show. One person held up it's arm while another picked up its body; apparently it had been thrown into the pit and couldn't handle the thrashing that followed. The dummy was set aside, and everyone's attention returned to the show at hand. What first impressed me was the band's clever outfit's; one (I forget who) was dressed like something straight out of Kubrick's film A Clockwork Orange, much like Alex's droogs: white button-down shirt, white pants, white suspenders, army boots; though he lacked the essential overwrought codpiece. Still very classy, while the other outfit that sticks out in my mind was lead vocals Jakess wearing skeletor pants and pseudo-bloodied(for now anyway) tshirt; his face painted up like in old B/W films to emphasize the actor's features. He pulled off more of an undead zombie effect. Whether these guy's are LeVey disciples or not is hard to say, but the overt Goathead incantations weren't hard to miss in their set. Beelzebub aside, the Humanoids really managed to rip up the sound waves; some extremely caustic anti-melodies were played, Jakess shredding vocal cords with screams of 'SATAAANN!!!!!' Now, some people think God had cast Lucifer from heaven; rather, the blame goes to the Humanoids- through the sheer volume of their music, they're the ones that knocked the devil into the ground. To put it simply, these boys like to play LOUD. Say what you will about Satan worshiping and the like; whether it be wrong, a waste, or amusing(amusing would be me), it still makes for a good show. And to top the night off, Jakess had prepared a little treat for our viewing pleasure. From somewhere on his person he procured a small razorblade. Now, it's fairly common that bands have their calling cards, or show traditions; MLB has it's striptease, The Shutups have their funky hat's, but the Humanoids take it up a notch- the S/M notch. While the rest of the Humanoids played on, he pulled his red marker stained tshirt up and began to engrave obscure symbols into his chest. While he sliced, he smeared the blood across his torso.... hmmm. At this point in the story I raise an eyebrow. Should I encourage his self-expression, and admire his abnormally high endorphin count, or should I grab 40+ bandaids doused with hydrogen-proxide? Eh, sadomasochism is more pleasing to the eye than, say, bestializing necrophiliacs, I guess. Not to give anyone any ideas. Annnnyway, he wiped his blood off on his tshirt--the lacerations were only superficial--and the band played on. Overall, an interesting performance. It wasn't so fast as it was loud; something to slamdance to perhaps- though you can slamdance to pretty much anything, like ring-around-the-rosey (if I can; you can), but the Humanoids self-mutilations bring a certain satanic avant-garde flair to the scene. And I say, what the hell, if he doesn't mind, shred 'em. Who needs the intrinsic human nature of self-preservation when you can gross people out? In this case, I'm glad the band doesn't get the crowd involved in the act; all that would be left of the band would be a couple chunks of scarred flesh hooked up to an amp. These guy's are worth seeing, if not for the pure shock value, but for the amazing ability to play loud enough to make your intestines quake into your boots. Consider it a sonicare enema, courtesy of those devil's advocates, THE HUMANOIDS.

Murder On Stage

Deploi! - Issue 3

Review of Demo Tape

"The humanoids will also be on the upcoming comp I'm puttin out. They sound similar to the Misfits with a young out of tune Jim Morrison singing along. Most songs are to the horror punk genre. Definite DIY recording but still sounds good."

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