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Biographies of the Rich and famous (to be)

Jakes Bayley was born in Washington state. He lived in France for one year with his family. His influences are Slayer, Danzig, Death, DRI and SATAN! He has been a hardcore horror addict since he was a little kid.

Sean Roache is our drummer and we will soon have a bio of him.

Smooth Lovin' Oh Yeah!--------------------------------------------------------->

Ben has spent his life going from Iowa to Washigton and so forth. He is more into punk than any horror music or interest. Ben's influences are METALLICA WHICH HE IS OBSESSED WITH!

Bradd has been watching horror movies since he was in second grade. Born in Alaska. Lived in British Virgin Islands, Alaska, Washington, Florida and Tennessee. Influenced by thrash music, almost anything offensive, GG Allin, Odin, Jason Voorhees and last but definately not least ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK

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