Spring Jess
(DOB 9/17/09)
(L & M Jag x Redtop Reece)

Jess is a full sister to Rock, out of the second litter of Jag and Reece.  She has all of Rock's intensity
but with a bit more eye.  Jess is a very natural, biddable girl with beautiful moves.
She is just loads of fun to train.

It doesn't hurt that she got so much of her mom and dad's personality.

Jess has officially started her trialing career now
and we're hopeful for her future there as well as on the ranch!



(DOB 7/19/10)
(L & M Jag x TSN Zoey)

Ty is a ball of energy who fears nothing!  
Well, nothing except the mineral tubs in the pasture that might eat him. :-)

He is keen to work so I'm trying hard to keep him out of trouble for now.
Ty is off of Tim Naasz's good female, Zoey and by our Jag.
This is repeat cross and the first litter turned out so well we did it again.
I trained one from the first litter that I just loved so when
Tim wanted to do it again I jumped at the chance.

Ty is back with us after spending the winter/spring with my niece and her family.  
He has been raised well and is ready for serious training now.
He is very level headed with great feel for his stock.
Plenty of push and as of now just the right amount of bite.

Can you tell I like him!? :-)

Spring Teal
(DOB 8/20/10)
(L & M Jag x Redtop Reece)

Teal's name came from her breeder, Jamie Spring, and we loved it.
Thanks Jamie for letting us keep it for her as it fits her perfectly!!

Teal is from the third and final litter from Jag and Reece.  Can you tell we like them? ;-)
I hadn't planned on keeping one from this litter with Ty coming but it proved to hard to resist.
I LOVE both Rock and Jess so I just couldn't pass up the chance at Teal.

Teal is coming along really well and is showing that she has loads of intensity but without any tension.
She has the sweetest personality and thinks kids were put on this earth for her to love!

We're excited to watch her mature!


L & M Faith

(DOB - 10/26/10)
(Spring Rock x L & M Kat)

Faith is Dustin's young female out of Kat's final litter.
She is a really nice blend of both of her parents.
Faith is full of intensity and style with a no quit attitude.

Dustin is training her himself and with high school and sports
it may take awhile longer but they're working on being a great team!