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L & M Stockdogs at Work

Here are some pictures of our dogs at work. I am not a very good photographer, so excuse the quality. It's also very difficult to take a good picture while there is young dog trying to accomplish a task with you!!

Holdin' Ground

Whit (3 year old male) is holding the calves off the bunks until I can put corn out. I think it is his absolute favorite job! I also love to watch the silent communication going on between the stock and a dog.

Whit was sold to Fetch'Em Border Collies and Livestock to help my friend JoEllen out on her place, but we will still be using him from time to time for a stud dog.

Zac raisin' heel!

Zac, 15 months old in this picture, is showing how low he can go! Zac is one of those dogs that you just look forward to working every day. He will hit clean on the nose, front foot and heels low. He also works sheep with a great deal of style and finesse. He will turn 3 years old on November 27, 2002. He's currently running in Open sheep and cattle.

Dutch holding the line

This is Dutch (a littermate to Zac) who we purchased in November of 2001. He is coming right along in his training and is currently running at the PN level. He is a very intense dog with tons of try and a very hard bite to back it up. We've been using him just about every day on cattle and he shows absolutely no fear. He has been a real asset to our place!

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