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L & M SDT Information

Please email us with any further questions at:

Trial Schedule

The following is the schedule we are planning on using but please realize we must be somewhat flexible as we're dealing with only so much daylight and the possible unforseen incidents that can arise.

Tuesday - Start with Open handlers meeting at 6:30 am. There are 60 open dogs to run so we'll have to see how far we get. If time allows we'll move into the first go of Nursery (8 dogs as of now).

Wednesday - Second go of Open if time 2nd go of nursery

Thursday - This day will depend on if we have gotten to the 2nd go of nursery by now or not. If not, we'll start out with nursery. Otherwise, we'll start with Pro-Novice and finish up with Novice.

Directions to Trial

For directions on how to get from wherever your coming from to our general vicinity go to Mapquest and type in Allen, SD as your destintation.

Also, fair warning, there aren't a lot of gas stations out here and not many that are open after 8 pm so plan accordingly.

From the north: I-90 to mile marker 131 (One of the Badlands park exits). Go 11 miles to Interior (watch for signs there will be one turn at the base of the hills.) At Interior, turn south on Hwy 44 (this turn is next to the only gas station). Go approx. 15 miles south. At stop sign, turn right and go up the hill about one mile. At the top of the hill turn left onto the gravel road. Go about 13 miles and you will see signs posted for the trial.

From the south: From highway 18 turn north on the Allen Road (signs posted saying Allen). Coming from the east the Allen road is 9 miles out of Martin, coming out of the west it is about 9 miles from Batesland. Once on the Allen road it is about 11 miles to our gravel road. (You will pass through Allen) The oil will turn into gravel. It is about 7 1/2 miles once on the gravel to the place. Hay stackyard on the hill, we're right over the hill. Signs will be posted.

If anyone needs anymore detailed directions or anymore information please let me know. Looking forward to seeing you all!