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DVDís and Tapes

Alasdair has several DVDís and tapes available:

"Whistle While You Work": A comprehensive collection of whistles for the novice to the next National Champion. This DVD includes both finger whistles and artificial, the reasoning behind Alasdairís selection of whistles, and how certain whistles may be best suited for certain types of dogs.

"In the Mind of a Champion": A unique look at the thought process during the Championship run at the Bluegrass Classic as told by Alasdair and Scot Glen. Developed and Created by Denise Wall, this DVD takes you through each moment and thought of these winning double lift international sheds.  Contact Denise Wall at to order.

"A Shedding Clinic with Alasdair MacRae" : This DVD illustrates the shedding philosophies and techniques that Alasdair has found most effective through the years. The footage is from an actual clinic and provides everything from the framework to assist with teaching a young dog to shed for the first time, all the way through to helping resurrect the shed with a more seasoned dog. The instruction is directed towards the handler as well as the dog and the hope is to make quality shedding available to everyone. Shedding is a thrilling and exciting craft and we hope this DVD will make it more fun and enjoyable for every handler/dog team.

All of these are available for purchase on-line at Borders Collies in Action at or please e-mail us directly at