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Stories/articles about Stockdogs!

Laura's published writings!

South Dakota Cowdogs in Winter
Lessons I Learned
Adventures of South Dakota Cowdogs
First Trial Experience
A Rose is a Rose, but is a Cowdog a Cow/Calf Dog?
Before the Storm?
Rebuilding Confidence
Diary of a New Sheepherder
Great Kids + Great Dogs = A Great Life!
L & M Ranch - Life on the Plains
Respectful but Never Fearful (Dedicated to Leland Paxton)

*************** The first 8 of these stories/articles were published in the Ranch Dog Trainer which has since been sold. Judith Selby now owns and publishes the magazine - STOCKDOGS

All photos and text are the copyright property of L & M Stockdogs. No permission is granted to copy or reproduce them in any manner without written consent of the creator. This includes copying them in any form for any digital use or use on the internet.