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Australian Shepherd Rescue of South Dakota

Hi, my name is Casey. I am the inspiration for Aussie rescue in South Dakota. Aussie Rescue Placement & Hotline (ARPH) worked hard to find me a great new home! Now the person I own (Laura) has decided to become a rescue rep with ARPH and try to help more of my friends. I will try to update the page with pictures of dogs available as often as possible. Often times there are Aussies in shelters that just haven't been added to the webpage yet. **For more information about adopting, listing an Aussie or becoming a foster home email Laura Hicks:**

Educational Information

Aussie Personality and Character
Why there are Aussie's that need rescued.
Roanoak's FAQ about Aussie's
If You Can - An insightful poem
The Importance of Spay/Neuter

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Adoptable Dogs

Aussie mixes
Aussie's available