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Our Livestock Guardian Dogs

Since deciding to get into the sheep business in the spring of 2001 we also decided we would need some sort of protection from the coyotes, mountain lions and stray dogs. We chose to incorporate guard dogs into our situation. Our first two dogs were female Pyrenees. One has worked out really well (Ghost) and the other (Shadow) decided she would rather be a pet. So she was spayed and sent to a really great pet home. We got another Pyr (Bronc), this time a male, and he is fantastic!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of them. They have earned a very special place in our lives.


Nala will be 4 in April and is an absolute pro! Of course I can't catch her at all but my youngest son Brady can catch her with a little coaxing when we need to give her shots, etc. Nala is an Akbash which we bought from Julie Hansmire of CO. We have been absolutely thrilled with her!!

Simba (King of the Pasture)

Simba is an 8 year old Akbash/Pyr cross. We just think the world of him. We raised him from a pup and he's turned out better than I'd hoped. He's fierce when he needs to be and a big teddy bear when he doesn't.

Sarabi (Sara for short) is our newest addition to the guard dog work force. She came to us from Jamie Spring and will be a year old in November of 2011. She is maturing into an amazing dog and we're grateful to have her. She is closely related to Simba (the bigger dog in the picture) and shows to have his fierceness with predators but loving personality with her stock.


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