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MacRae Stockdogs Breeding Foundation

In addition to Alasdairís knowledge and understanding of dogs, he has a remarkable ability to identify what qualities can and should continue to be bred to produce world class border collies. This is most evident in looking at Alasdairís achievement and the pedigree of dogs along the way.

In 1984 Alasdair won the Scottish National with Mirk. In 1993 Alasdair won the Supreme Championship at the International with Nan, Mirkís granddaughter. After judging the U.S. National Finals in 1995, Alasdair won the USBCHA Finals in 1996 with Ben. In 1997, 1998 and 1999 he won the U.S. Finals with his International Champion Nan. In three of the following four years, he won the U.S. Finals with Bill, a son of Nan and Ben. Alasdair won numerous other open trials with Bill (owned by Judy Aycock) including Edgeworth and the Bluegrass. Alasdair won the Bluegrass as well as Meeker with another son of Nan and Ben and litter mate to Bill, Sweep. Alasdair was first and second with the brothers at the North American Sheepdog Championship.

These championship bloodlines are prominent in our breeding program today. Both Alasdair and Patricia run young grandsonís of Nan and Ben, and are raising 5 puppies. Other trial winnerís of this breeding are Scott Glenís Sweep and David Henryís Britton (bred by Alasdairís Sweep and Bill respectively).

In addition to these bloodlines we also import top quality dogs from Great Britain that we feel possess the qualities of future champions both to sell and integrate into our breeding program.

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Puppies for Sale

We occasionally have puppies available for sale as well as young started dogs off of our breeding stock. For more information about upcoming litters or current pups available, please e-mail us at