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Here's a look into our daily lives with our horses!

Tonto (22 years old in above picture)
Every family has one of those GREAT horses.  Tonto has been ours!
He came from a Sutton bred stud horse and a good ranch mare Mike's
dad owned at the time.
He was one of the first colts Mike started when he was a kid.
His sister's both rode him growing up and then when Mike and Laura
met she started goat tying and roping on him.  He is the kind of horse
that everyone at rodeo's borrowed if need be.  He carried a neighbor
girl to the State High School finals in her first year ever rodeoing.
He taught both of our boys to ride along with a large portion of the
area's other youth.  He is 26 years old now but carried kids as recently
as 2 years ago.  He is now retired, eating all he wants and teaching
the colts everything they should know about life on the Plains.
We have been so fortunate to have him be a part of our lives!!


This is our 9 year old son Brady riding Spades, a 6 year old
Top Amigo King gelding.  (He was 4 in the above picture.)


Here is our 11 year old son, Dustin, with his best bud, Mick.
Mick is a 6 year old gelding sired by Top Amigo King.


This is Dustin when he was 9 years old riding Lucky (a Pacific Bailey bred gelding).
Lucky has since been sold and is teaching a younger kid the fundamentals.