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Please read the following information before clicking on the entry form link!



This year's team competition will run as did last year's.  This is how it'll work.
If you choose to enter the team event you pay $10 and choose your dog.  Team captain's will be drawn for and then all entrants will be put in a hat.  A draw will be held for the other 2 team members.
These 3 dog/handler teams will have their scores compiled over the 3 days of Open running and the team with the highest score will win the whole pot.  The scores from the Double Lift will also count towards the total.


We are going to run a 2nd field this year and try to have an Open Ranch, Nursery and Intermediate class (any NON open handler with any dog) each day while the Open is running.
All runs will be $20. $10 paid back.
We are NOT taking entries now for this field but will enter the morning of the running, pending weather conditions.

Read this again so you get it!!

We will have 300+ fresh yearlings for the Open running. These will be fresh the 1st day and then re run.
Open running may have to run to a standard. We are accepting 70 open dogs and this has not been a problem in past years.
The 3 days will all be on the same field but we will alter the set out and the course daily.

The 2nd field will run on the ranch ewes.

Potluck and Dance!

We will put on a steak BBQ along with a dance on May 29th.  It will be held down at the new garage.  Meat and potatoes will be provided.  Feel free to bring along your favorite dish!