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Shane Hardie


A few things about myself.

I am a graduate of Watertown High School and finally in December, 2010 graduated of Mt. Marty College with a degree in criminal justice.

I like baseball, snow skiing, bowling, professional wrestling, computers and biking. I got my first car, a Pontiac Firebird, when I was 14, but for my high school graduation I got a red Pontiac Grad Am and but have now graduated to a Dodge Ram pick-up to haul around my 4-wheeler. Also purchased my own home a couple years ago and love being on my own. The other new addition to my family is a German Shepherd, Maya, who is 80 pounds of agression and power and will celebrated her 4th birthday in December, 2011. Also found out she is allergic to anything and everything outside including grasses, trees, weeds - you name it. So it is allergy shots and hope that it will get better.

I love hunting with my dad and uncles and cousins and got my limit of pheasants first day out this year. Also had a buck deer license this year and brought down a 4 x 4 buck the first day of the season.

I am pretty good at video games, and have beaten a few tough ones lately.

As you can see, I also love dragons and collect pewter dragons of all sizes. Also collect dragon knives, swords and globes.

If you would like to email me, then use one of the two links below.

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