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ROXANNE is the author of this page and just getting started on what the Web is all about. I love antiques and collect Royal Ruby glass. I have also started collecting .999 silver rounds. Also, if there are others out there who collect silver rounds, let's get in touch!!! I am also in the process of tracing our family roots so if your family connects with ours in any way, let's share information!!! Click on the pretty lady on the left to see a really hot spot and see what families we are tracing.

ARV is the head of the house, loves football and is a cancer survivor and partial retiree. He also avidly collects miniature liquor bottles and buys and trades from all over the world. Hunting and fishing have become his life since retirement and he keeps the family in fish, fowl and deer!! Click the little bottle on the left to see all that's new and see how he has completely taken over the walls of our family room with his bottles!!

SHANE is the youngest of the family who likes to read and spends time on his computer when he isn't working. He collects anything with dragons on them and drives a big Dodge Ram pick-up that is Denver "Bronco" all the way. He keeps busy working two jobs and playing with his new motorcycle and his many friends. Click on the dragon on the left to see more about Shane and his likes, dislikes and collections.

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