NCube Central - Gamecube Hardware Pictures
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NCube Central - Gamecube Hardware Pictures

The Hardware
The Nintendo Gamecube is in a cube shape, and is rumored to be shipped in various colors from the very shipment in Japan. Yes, this means that you probably won't have to put up with a black Gamecube and a dull gray controller. I think that that this change is a nice one.
Here are some pictures of the Nintendo Gamecube. Expect this page to grow very quickly in the next three months.

Click here for pictures of the...
Gamecube Modem Adapter New!
Digicard [ Gamecube's Memory Pak ] New!
Comparison: N64 And Cube Controllers New!
Comparison: N64 And Cube Consoles New!
Comparison: Height Of Cube Vs. GBC New!
Comparison: N64 Cartridges Vs. Cube Mini-Dics New!
Gamecube From Different Angles
Gamecube Controller
DVD Drive
Different Colored Systems
Different Colored Controllers
Gamecube With GB Advances

That is it for the Hardware section of this site. Be sure and check back here frequently for more updates on the Nintendo Gamecube's hardware.

The Official Specs - speed, graphics, etc
Frequently Asked Questions - what people ask most often of the Gamecube
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