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Sun, Mar 7, 1999
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Your Guide Luke Davis - your Mining Co. Guide to:
Sick Twisted Jokes
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Sick/Twisted Joke Archives

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Animal Jokes
Just jokes with animals in them.

Animal Sex Jokes
Jokes with animals in them, and humans doing unnatural things to them.

Blonde (and brunette) Jokes
Long and short jokes in this now classic genre.

Cheesy Jokes
Bad jokes, puns and other stinky cheese.

Golf Jokes
For the hackers, you can use these on the course.

Holiday Jokes
Christmas, Halloween etc.

Little Johnny Jokes
Up to no-good as usual.

Medical Jokes
Nasty humor about doctors, illnesses etc.

Men and Women Jokes
Jokes about men and women and the nasty things they do to one another.

Men and Women Jokes - Page 2
More of the same.

Other Humor -- Non Jokes
Not jokes as such, but funny nonetheless.

Q & A Jokes and One Liners
The short jokes in all categories (except for the blondes which now have their own category).

Really Sick Jokes
Jokes that I think are sicker than the others.

Religious Jokes
Involoving hell, priests, nuns and anything else vaguely related to religion.

Sex Jokes
Involving, or somehow pertaining to sex.

Sex Jokes 2
You can never have enough sex jokes.

Sick Family Jokes
Sick stuff with the relatives.

The Rest - Unclassified
The rest of the jokes that I couldn't fit into any category (yet). Some of the best jokes are here.

Sick Jokes Newsletter Back Issues
Catch up on what you've missed, or find out what you're still missing.

Multi Media, Games Etc.

Multi Media Dumpsite - Movie clips (avi's) and games.

Dancing Baby - The Revenge - The sicker versions of the now famous dancing baby movies.

Special Editions

Topical specials. Some are a little dated.
Halloween Special
College Stuff
Zippergate Special - Clinton, Lewinsky etc.
Christmas Special
Princess Di Jokes
John Denver Jokes
Louise Woodward - Nanny Murder Case Jokes

Jokes | Multi Media | Joke Specials

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