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   Hello people!!!      

Thank you so much for visiting my web pages!  You see I have done quite a bit of work at this website.  I know it is still not good enough though;  I will keep improving it.  My purpose to create these pages is just for fun.  Hope it's not too bad.  Please come and visit often, and don't forget to sign my guest book!! and vote! :-)                       Em              


Wanna see me?กดName: Emily Wu

กดBirthplace: Taichung City

กดBirth date: May 2nd

กดFamily: Parents and one younger brother 

กดZodiac Sign: Taurus

กดFave Music: Pop

กดFave Colour: Light blue, pink

กดFave Season: Summer 

กดInterests: Languages, travelling, music, internet, etc.