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For Sleepless Surfers and Compulsive Chatters

08/04/99 - I changed the backgrounds on the questionnaires pages since people were complaining that they were hard to read with the previous backgrounds. Eat yer hearts out. BP.

24/11/98 - I thought it was time for a little revamp...hope you don't mind Peely :-)

Well not much intro needed here as its pretty self-explanatory when you start to surf the page but for those of you who need to know in advance we decided to create a web page with a difference so we asked some chatters to complete a questionnaire and their replies are displayed on this site.

If you have not been sent a copy of the questionnaire, and would like to receive one, please mail us and we'll send you it.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their time and cooperation and we hope you'll enjoy reading everyone's submissions.

For those of you who've complained about how basic the page is (e.g. Peely's dear brother who I'm fond of so I'm not having a go at you, ok?!) it's because this page isn't our own, private home page. You'll find links to both of our websites on the links page (obviously).

BananaPeel_007 and Echoes_of_Elysium

Completed Questionnaires

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