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Danny Elfman

      Daniel Robert Elfman was born on May 29, 1953 in Amarillo, Tx. At a young age he soon moved to the Los Angeles area where he spent his childhood. He was born to the parents of Milton and Blossom Elfman. His father, Milton, was a teacher and his mother, Blossom, was a novelist. Danny has one older brother named Richard Elfman, who happens to be a director to such films as Forbidden Zone and Shrunken Heads. Danny has two daughters namedLola and Mali. When Danny was eighteen, he moved with his brother to France where he joined a theater group, this is where he became acquainted with the many different instruments of the orchestra. Then after some years he moved to Africa where he caught malaria, which caused him to move back to the States in late 1970's. In 1980, Danny helped his brother make the film Forbidden Zone by composing the music with a band known as The Mystic Knights of Oingo Boingo. Richard and Danny Elfman put together the band for the movie but then they became so popular that they came out with some albums and toured until 1995. Danny Elfman was a member and their songwriter of the band that soon changed its name to Oingo Boingo and then Boingo in its later years.
      In 1985, Danny Elfman met Tim Burton, the creator of BetelGeuse and Mars Attacks!. Tim Burton wanted to meet Danny so that he could ask for his help on creating the music for his first movie Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. Tim Burton loved the music so much that he had Danny Elfman do the movie scores for all his films ever made. That led to the project of The Nightmare Before Christmas where Danny didn't just write the songs, he composed the scores and sang the leading role, Jack Skellington, plus the voice of Barrel, in the movie. As time went on now with Danny Elfman being a composer, he grew the reputation of being known as the "bad boy of movie music." Even though he has, and still is, looked down upon by many of his colleagues and called the outsider in the tight-knit world of Hollywood film composers, he still continues to be the most popular self-taught and sought-after film composer and musician in the film industry.
      Since he was self-taught, that means that he must've had an influence, and he does. His greatest musical influences are Carl Stalling, Bernard Hermann, Prokofief, and Stravinsky. Danny Elfman's dark, richly textured music has also set the mood for other such films as Darkman and Dick Tracy, as well as Fox's tv show; The Simpsons, but out of all his music scores, Danny Elfman says that his favorite movie score that he has done himself is Edward Scissorhands.

      On the movie Freeway, Danny Elfman agreed to write the scores for the director 'cause they where old high school buddies, in return for the movie scores, Danny received one dollar. Out of all his work Danny Elfman has only won one award, a Grammy in 1989 for his theme to Batman. Danny Elfman has also done more than just sing in a band and compose movie scores for more than a dozen movies, he has also been writing his own scripts since 1990 and one of his films is supposedly in the making.

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