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Abscond- to flee and hide.
Accrete- to grow gradually.
Acrimonious- vicious, attacking in tone.
Adroit- clever, skillful in problem solving.
Agog- full of anticipation- eager.
Ameliorate- to make more tolerable.
Androgynous- possessing both male and female characteristics.
Apotheosis- exaltation to divine rank, or stature.
Armsaye- the armhole in clothing.
Avaricious- seeking to hoard riches, greedy.
Baleful- harmful in intent.
Bifurcate- to divide into two parts.
Bleb- a postule on the skin.
Boanthropy- a type of insanity in which a man thinks he is an ox.
Brandophile- one who collects cigar bands.
Capon- a castrated rooster.
Cerebrate- to think.
Chad- tiny bits of paper left over from hole punching data cards.
Chanking- spat-out food (rinds or pits).
Circumscribe- to draw a line around- encircle.
Concinnity- harmony.
Consanguinity- relationship by blood, or a close affinity.
Crapulence- illness from over-eating, indulgence.
Cryogenic- producing low temperatures.
Defenestration- the act of throwing someone or something out a window.
Demarcate- to set boundaries.
Diaphanous- transparant, or translucent, delicate.
Dibble- to drink like a duck.
Dipsomaniac- alcoholic
Dollop- large amount.
Effrontery- brashness, boldness.
Eidetic- using detailed recall of visual images.
Eugeria- normal and happy old age.
Euneirophrenia- peace of mind after a pleasent dream.
Eyeservice- work done only while the boss is watching.
Feat- a dangling curl of hair
Factotum- a servant assuming several general tasks.
Flocinaucinihilipiliphication- the action of estimation is worthless.
Fop- foolish person.
Geriatric- old, outdated.
Groak- to watch people eat hoping that they will offer you some of their food.
Gynotikolobomassophile- one who likes to nibble on a woman's earlobe.
Hebephrenic- a condition of adolescent silliness.
Hebetude- dullness of mind- mental lethargy.
Hermetic- impervious to outside interference.
Hubris- exaggerated pride.
Iatrogenic- illness or disease caused by doctors, or by prescribed treatment.
Indolent- habitually lazy.
Inveigle- to win over by flattery, or artful talk.
Kleptocracy- greedy and corrupt government.
Lacrimose- tearful.
Lapling- someone who enjoys resting in women's laps.
Librocubicularist- one who reads in bed.
Logomachy- dispute using only words.
Meliorate- to improve.
Minimus- little finger or toe.
Misanthropic- hateful of humanity.
Monoglot- a person who knows only one language.
Moribund- approaching death.
Natatorium- a swimming pool.
Neanimorphic- looking younger than one's year.
Nihilist- someone who believes in nothing.
Nonagenarian- a person between the ages of 90 and 100 years old.
Nonuple- Consisting of nine member parts.
Notophile- one who collects bank notes.
Nugatory- of little, or no importance.
Obdormition- numbness caused by pressure on a nerve (when a limb is "asleep").
Obfuscate- to make vague, or difficult to comprehend.
Oniochalasia- buying as a means of mental relaxation.
Ophryon- space between the eyebrows on a line with the top of the eye sockets.
Osculation- the act of kissing.
Pablum- trite, insipid, or simplistic writing or speech.
Panache- flamboyance.
Palliate- to reduce injury of.
Panacea- a remedy for all diseases or ills- a cure-all
Parnel- a priest's stress.
Parturient- about to give forth young, in labor, relating to giving birth.
Philotelist- a stamp collector.
Pilgarlic- a bald head that looks like a peeled garlic.
Plaintive- expressing suffering.
Preantepenultimate- fourth from last.
Prestidigitator- a magician
Prodigious- of immense size, force, or extent.
Profligacy- reckless immorality.
Provenance- origin, source.
Puricle- space between thumb and extended forefinger.
Rasceta- creases on the inside of the wrist.
Refractory- resisting control.
Riposte- response, retaliatory action.
Ruminant- cud chewer.
Saccharine- overly sentimental.
Salubrious- conducive or favorable to health or well-being.
Sangfroid- composure under duress.
Scroop- rustle of silk.
Scupper- to bring an end to.
Specious- deceptively attractive.
Spermologer- one who collects trivia.
Sundry- various.
Supererogation- going beyond what is expected or required.
Telurian- of, relating to, or inhabiting the Earth.
Troglodyte- primitive cave-dweller.
Turgid- swollen, excessive.
Turnkey- ready to operate.
Vapid- lacking spirit or zest.
Voluble- fluid in speech.
Wether- a castrated sheep.
Zarf- a holder of a handless coffee cup.
Zeitgeber- natural agent that sets a biological clock.
Zeitgeist- moral, cultural climate.

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