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    Name:Tattered Wings, Arasalese, Arianrhod, etc.
    Location: currently Atlanta.
    Piercings: many ear holes and a lip ring.(not shown in picture)
    Tattoos: wouldn't you like to know..
    People i love: Brian, Peter, Rozz, Robert, Johnny, Andrew, etc. (i just can't help it)
    Favorite ice cream: Superman, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Mint chocolate chip (green)
    Likes: Photography and making music
    Dislikes: racoon people*(don't ask), being poor (so send me a dollar damnit!), stupid humans

    NO, i have no idea when i'll
    update this stupid page. who cares, no one looks
    anyway.I've stopped putting new pics up in the photography section
    because i'll be selling my photography online
    at a different site, in which i will link to this site
    in due time. ;) The pictures are bigger, better, and ...better.

    "We are what we think; all that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world." -Buddha

    Don't i look cuuute?? ha

    Brian,Me,And Jeff before the Changelings concert at dragoncon 99

    Other Peoples At Dragon con 99 in thier "attire" :


    Fat Bastard Amidala! (Episode: Eat!)

    I seem to make this face often...

    "When the Devil sees that a man is weak, he strikes him
    with a hatchet in order to make him fall into sin; but if he
    sees that he is strong, he then strikes him with an ax"
    Girolama Savonarola