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for life is nearer everyday to death

'venus and mars' - botticelli

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i m m o r t a l i t y

life as you know it will soon change. the knowledge you thought you contained is being altered as you read. fiction has become reality even as the things you hold true start to lose their infallibility. here you will witness immortality, eternity, and destiny at their finest. the first brood is the one place you will understand what we mean. join us - and save yourself.
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the first brood

u p d a t e s

1) the first brood owner & moderators are working on a new and exciting project. it's an "on-the-side" rpg about a high school with a bit of a twist. interested? member selection will be limited, so apply today here!

2) coming soon
the first brood has recently created a page that is dedicated to the characters. on the members page is a link to the characters page in which you can soon see bios and a representative picture of each character.

3) the yahoo! groups homepage for the first brood can be found by clicking here.

t h a n k s

1) all the roleplayers and owners who helped to get this site listed anyplace possible! thanks!

2) to botticelli for ever existing! more art is based on his work than one could ever imagine.
this ultimate online rpg site is owned by josh

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