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Photo Gallery

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vin_cait.JPG    CECast.JPG    CEjoan2.JPG    CEwayne_dan.JPG    CEclay_cait1.JPG   

Performance Night From left to right: Veronica Broden, Lee Poulson, Kristen Stewart, Mark Wallace, Damon Cuthbert and Kisani Wesseling, Jay Nicholsen, Anthony Leigh and Caitlin Stewart, Shehriyar Farooq, Tim Knight, Sharlene King, Shauna Whyte, Chikako Idogami, Danielle Walsh, Leesa Murray, Mark Fell, David Kelly and Patrick McCarthy, Donna Hollister and Richard Domingo, Kim Jardim-Surnam and Brendon Briggs, Eddie, Yoshi, Chris Cawkwell, Daniel Ek, Claudine Cristofoletti, Ian Moore, Kym Bonollo, Yvette Prowse, Marie-Louise McDermott Richard Domingo and Danielle Walsh. Production shots from "Much Ado About Nothing" (Drama Club), 5th and 6th of April, 2002, at the Figtree Theatre. Cast: Gabriella Sterio, Damon Cuthbert, Kisani Wesseling, Tony Lucas, Gillian O'Mara, Mark Fell, Frank Packenham, Louise Marriott, Miho Yoshida, Joan Nelson, Aaron Long and Karina Green. Director: Bree Crocker. Production shots from the group-devised "Love, Dreams and Dog Bastards" (Drama Club), 14th and 16th June at the Hunters Hill Theatre. Cast: Kristen Stewart, Mark Wallace, Lee Poulson, Steve Younis, Carol Eltakchi, Veronica Broden, Tony Lucas, Sharlene King, Miho Yoshida, Marie Mersnich.Director: Kyle Wright. Production shots from "The Comedy of Errors" at the Pilgrim Theatre in September (Drama Club). Cast: Caitlin Stewart, Daniel Nittel, Clayton Moss, Leesa Murray, Vinita Lalchandani, Mark Fell, Wayne Hughes, Joan Nelson, Bree Crocker, and Chris Moss. Director: Bree Crocker.


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